lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Mil felicidades HOY a todas las mujeres en su día en todos los ámbitos de sus vidas. Un gran abrazo de Esther
Often times we know what we should be doing, but knowing and doing are two different things. Think about it.

viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Is this really important? What will this bring to me today? And the next day?
Did you take any action today related to your selfgrowth?

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What does connecting your own facts mean to you? Are you in charge of your life TODAY?

jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Is there in your life a specific "issue" you do not understand take a chair, breath and begin connectings your own facts!

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Es importante Leer Registros Akáshicos? / Is it important to read Akashic Records?

Es importante Leer Registros Akáshicos?

Solo cuando la persona puede resumir el aprendizaje de una vida determinada esta lista para leer ese Registro..
La apertura de un Registro es una poderosa herramienta a la cual es importante recurrir solo en ciertas situaciones. Es por ello que no pueden abrirse mas que en determinadas ocasiones.

Is it important to read Akashic Records?
Only when the person can resume the life lesson of a specific life, she is ready to read that record.
Opening a Record is a powerful tool, to which it is important to access only in certain situations. That is why they cannot be opened but in certain occasions.